Potato Peeler Machine

Peeling something means removing the outer skins of certain vegetables like potatoes, traditionally metal blade attached to a wooden, metal or plastic handle that is used to remove the outer skin. As in this automisation edge it has developed in different stages and now in Automization for Bulk Peeling of Potato, machines are used for quick & fast process of peeling.
In an industrial setting, potatoes may be peeled using steam jets to loosen the surface skin, followed by a dry abrasion peeler, and brushes and water sprays. The process may also involve treatment with lye to soften the outer skin. One type of mechanical peeler, tumbles the potatoes on rollers with rubber studs, which removes the outer skin.


« Made from Stainless Steel Body
« Electric motor operated
« Low Noise & Low Maintenance
« Capacity of peeling 300 Kg. & 500 Kg. Per Hour.
« Easy to Maintain
« Low electric power consumption
« Water will be delivered in separate delivery pipe
« Motor :- 1 H.P. Single phase
« Application :- to peel boiled potato
« Used by Lodge, Hotels, Restaurant, Corporate Kitchens, small scale wafer plans