Potato Slicer/Wafer Machine

POTATO SLICER MACHINE Machine & Sali cutting Machine for making Wafers of Different sizes. POTATO SLICER MACHINE slices all type of potato, Redissh, in slice form to make wafers for bulk production


« Made from Stainless Steel Body
« Electric motor operated
« Low Noise & Low Maintenance
« Capacity of peeling 250-300 Kg. & 500 Kg. Per Hour.
« Easy to Maintain
« 1 H.P. single phase Motor
« Used by Lodge, Hotels, Restaurant, Corporate Kitchens, small Malls etc..
« Low electric power consumption
« Water will be delivered in separate delivery pipe
« Saves energy and time for quick production
« Wafer making plants & Corporate Kitchens
« Extra size of Sali Cuttings for Fingure chips Wafer Cutting with Extra Dies & Blades
« Structure :- Strong still framing with S.S body
« No. of blades 3, slicer - 2 nos. & Finger chips - 1 nos
« Application to make potato slices, Finger chips, wafers