Vegetable Cutter Machine

Technology / Automization always comes where mass production is there so to keep up regular production in time for bulk vegetables the machines are widely used. Mainly Catterers, Hotels & Restaurants, NGO’s, Hostels, Corporate Kitchens/Canteens etc.


« Body of machine is made from aluminum with S.S. Sharp edges blades & Slicers.
« Delivery Plate is also available.
« As per required sizes of vegetable blades are set.
« Easy Changability of Blades
« Cutting type:
             • Slicer Cutting
             • Pce.Cutting
             • Khaman Cutting
« Slicer Cutting - 1 mm., 3 mm., 10 mm, 20 mm.
« Piece Cutting - 10 mm., 10 X 10 mm, 20 X 20 mm.
« Khaman Cutting
« Cutting for Potato, Finger Chips, Gourd, Brinjal, Cabbage, Tomato, Radish Chilly, Beetroot, Cucumber, Coriander Leaves, Power of Ladu, Coconut slicer.
« Proper Cleaning of Machine give better life to Machine
« Capacity of machine 80 Kg. – 300 Kg.
« Hand operated version of Machine is also available on special demand